Value chain from farm to table

Mavin more than 3 years to trust and use HiStaff management, developing effective over 2,000 personnel

Company scale:

2.000 Personnel



Livestock, food



Ha Noi

Group Mavin has over 18 years of operations in Vietnam and is one of the few businesses own the entire value chain “from farm to dining table”, closed operation in the field of: production of seed and livestock farms, animal feed, veterinary pharmaceutical and food processing. Today Mavin has more than 2,000 employees operating in 7 factories and nearly 20 member companies all over the country. Mavin is one of the leading enterprise in the application of high technology, automation and digitization operation manufacturing business.
Date 5/4/2021 group Mavin and Tinhvan Consulting was jointly held a Ceremony to launch the project System, human resources management HiStaff. After considering several solutions, hr software different on the market today, the Solution overall management human resources HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting has been Mavin choose to trust and expectations bring many benefits such as:
– Set up a data warehouse to focus on system administration, human resources of Mavin
– Allow workers to use 24/7 staffing services personal is digitized on the computer, smartphone to make the request, processes, personnel
– Support the hr department provides the service personnel are digitized for workers
– Standardized policy, the original data and process resource management
– Save cost and manpower, remove the manual action
– Enhanced transparency, compliance, integrity and ethics