BSR - pioneers and laid the foundation technology, oil refinery, Vietnam

BRS over 12 years of trust and use HiStaff management, developing effective over 2,000 personnel

Company scale:

2.000 Personnel






Quang Ngai

Joint stock company, Binh Son refining and petrochemical (BSR) is a member unit of Vietnam Oil and gas group is assigned the responsibility to receive, manage, operate oil refineries (NMLD) Dung Quat, keep pioneering role and laid the foundation for the development industry-oil refinery in Vietnam, at the same time is where the training quality human resources in this field.
NMLD Dung Quat is the national key projects with a total investment of over 3 billion USD, the processing capacity of 6.5 million tons of crude oil per year. Building success and giving NMLD Dung Quat into operation carries important implications for ensuring energy security, contribute to accelerating the process of industrialization and modernization of the country.
HiStaff be deployed at BSR from January 5/2012 and help manage overall more than 2000 personnel; solve the problem of managing exchange project for staff; problem solving, training programs, diverse and complex; the system of compensation complex.