Electronic contract
Improve signing efficiency

Fully meets the electronic signing and contract signing operations right on your Smartphone

Fully meets the electronic signing and contract signing operations right on your Smartphone

Electronic Contract feature

Create a contract

Easily create digital signatures for employees and partners

Signed quickly

Manage digitally signed documents

Centralized management

Synchronize information and automatically update signing status on the HiStaff system

Automatic notification

Use digital signatures on a variety of devices and operating systems, from computers to mobile phones

Improve signing efficiency

The entire signing process is economical

90% time

Process of creating, signing, storing...


Document storage system up to

10 year

Safety and security

Highest international security standards

Benefits of HiStaff Digital Signature


For Business Owners/CEOs

Process optimization
Save 90% of signing time, speed up business transactions  

Optimize operating costs
Save 84% of the cost of printing, shipping, storage, contract management  

Enhance work performance
Select and sign multiple documents in the same turn easily

Fast is the document anytime, anywhere right on your phone

Have more time to focus for the business strategy important


For business department

Accelerate business transactions

Save time transaction, quickly finishing procedures business to record sales

Follow the progress of signing the contract
Catch the fast progress of signing the contract of the parties, automatically send notifications, reminders to the object register  

Management control master
Manage, track all contracts in a centralized manner on a system, limiting losses


For accounting, HR, C&B

Accelerate the progress of the work
Save time signing, accelerate the progress of work: finishing the procedure of signing the employment contract, accounting...

Process and track progress
Grasp the status signed to timely urge, avoid congestion, and work  

Save time document management
Save printing time, shipping, storage, and management