Pioneering the first HR AI Assistant technology in Vietnam

TVC provides free use of the AI ​​Assistant tool for Human Resources and installation costs and helps save initial costs

HR AI Assistant feature

Human resources consulting

Advise employees on human resources policies and procedures, answer common questions about labor regimes, benefits, and work processes...

Human resources consulting

Find information about employees, including personal information, work history, and professional skills....

Create HR reports

Recruitment consulting

Support the recruitment process by analyzing candidate profiles, evaluating candidate suitability...

Support employee training

Consulting and supporting in the process of training new employees, providing guidance documents, planning training,...

Fast deployment - Simple operation

Chúng tôi cam kết triển khai giải pháp trợ lý AI cho nhân sự chỉ trong 5 ngày.

AI Chatbot


Increase work efficiency

Minimize time and effort for HR tasks, from searching for information to HR consulting...


Reduce time and costs

Reduce time and costs for human resources processes, helping organizations save resources and focus on important things.


Enhance your experience

Create a better user experience, making it easier for employees to interact and get the information they need.


Transparency and consistency

Providing consistent and accurate information about the organization's HR policies and procedures ensures transparency.