Manufacturer instant foods in Vietnam

Acecook Vietnam more than 13 years of trust and use HiStaff management and development more efficient 5.500 hr

Company scale:

5.500 Personnel



Food production



Ho Chi Minh City

Founded on 15/12/1993 and officially went into operation from the year 1995, after many years of operation, the corporation Acecook Vietnam has constantly grown to become the company synthetic food restaurant in Vietnam with a strong position in the market, dedicated to providing the ready meal products are high quality and high nutrition.

HiStaff been implemented since 2011 and is operated now in the year 2012 at Acecook Vietnam. HiStaff help Acecook manage over 5,500 personnel. Project Acecook Vietnam is one of the typical project Tinhvan Consulting deployment HiStaff at the Japanese businesses with peculiarities is its compliance fasten the workflow parts from the factory to the office block; math controlled timekeeping strict for more than 4,500 employees in 10 plants.