HiStaff Face ID

Smart face recognition timekeeping solution

Smart face recognition timekeeping solution

The number 1 choice for human resource managers

Exceptional Features

Smart facial timekeeping

Experience new timekeeping with facial recognition AI technology

Manage attendance data

Data transparency, Real-time management

Ensure health and safety right from check-in

Timekeeping without contact
 Recognize faces wearing masks

Enhance security

Access management. Smart warnings 

Timekeeping is quick – accurate

Applying AI technology to recognize faces

Face recognition speed below

0,77 Second

Nhận diện chính xác lên đến


Face recognition speed below

20,000 face


Face timekeeping by image 

Benefits of Face ID on HiStaff

Improve accuracy in timekeeping management

With Face ID, timekeeping becomes much simpler and more accurate. Employees just need to stand in front of the camera, the system will automatically identify and record working time. This not only minimizes errors but also prevents timekeeping.

Enhance information security

Face ID helps improve information security in businesses. Using facial authentication ensures that only authorized people can access systems or highly secure areas.

Convenient and fast

No need to use magnetic cards or PIN codes, using Face ID saves employees time. In just a few seconds, the authentication process is completed, helping employees focus more on their work.