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Authenticate public digital signatures using the remote signing model

Reliable, convenient, optimized, integrated

HiStaff Digital Signature feature

Create digital signature

Easily create digital signatures for employees and partners

Manage digitally signed documents

Manage digitally signed documents

Automated integration

Synchronize information and automatically update signing status on the HiStaff system

Cross-platform support

Use digital signatures on a variety of devices and operating systems, from computers to mobile phones

Advantages Digital signature


Absolute security due to meeting eIDAS standards for user identification and electronic authentication.


Sign digitally directly on any phone or computer device with an Internet connection, anytime, anywhere.


Optimize usage costs when saving the cost of buying USB Tokens for many individuals and departments in the business.


Allows easy integration with enterprise applications, software of tax authorities, social insurance, and customs.

Benefits of HiStaff Digital Signature

Safe and secure

Digital signatures use advanced encryption technology, ensuring that only the signer can create his or her digital signature. This helps prevent signature forgery and protects important information in electronic transactions.

Save time and costs

With digital signatures, you do not need to print, hand-sign and send documents by mail. All document signing and receiving processes can be done online, saving time and costs for both parties.

Increase work efficiency

Digital signatures simplify the process of signing contracts and other important documents. Thanks to that, businesses can increase working efficiency, shorten processing time and respond more quickly.

Comply with legal regulations

Digital signatures fully meet legal regulations on electronic transactions and information security. Using digital signatures helps businesses comply with these regulations easily and transparently.

Suitable for deployment for all subjects


Digital signatures have legal value as an organization's seal when making electronic transactions: Issuing invoices; Contract; Confirm statements and payments; Declare social insurance and taxes electronically...

Individual belonging to the organization

Digital signatures have the same legal value as handwritten signatures of individuals within the organization, signing internal or external electronic transactions authorized by the Organization: Signing contracts; Pay…