Brand candies with over 100,000 points of sale

HiStaff has been deployed at Richy since April 2021 and overall manages more than 2,000 employees.

Company scale:

2.000 Personnel



Confectionery production



Ha Noi

Richy's brand candies familiar owns 3 factories to meet the international standards, more than 1,500 employees, over 100,000 points of sale spread along 3 regions of the country. Richy expectations HiStaff Solution can effectively assist in not only admin, but also the development of Richy.
HiStaff be deployed at Richy from January 4/2021 and directions to build a system of human resources management concentration, modern, future-oriented, help Richy achieve many goals such as:
– Building the data warehouse focuses on system administration, human resources at Richy
– Workers can use 24/7 staffing services personal is digitized on the system
– Support the hr department provides hr services convenient, fast for workers
– Standardized policies, the original data and process resource management
– Save cost and manpower, remove the manual action
– Enhanced transparency, compliance, integrity and ethics of the organization.