Laurelton Diamonds - Multinational corporation specializing in diamond production

Laurelton Diamonds in Vietnam more than 9 years of trust and use HiStaff management, developing effective than 3,000 personnel

Company scale:

3.000 Personnel


Of processing, machining and machining diamond


Hai Duong

Laurelton Diamonds (LD) is a multinational corporation specialized in manufacturing diamond business and reputation with more than 3,000 employees work at the factory on many countries such as the Usa, Vietnam, Cambodia, thailand, Belgium, Canada, Botswana, South Africa,...
LD is known with the cutting machine, diamond polishing, the gem lab operates at the highest standards in the industry diamond. Personnel, equipment, technology of LD are thoroughly equipped to meet the rigorous standards, to turn the rough diamond into a polished diamond of the highest quality for the jewelry market worldwide.
Solutions hr software HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting is deployed at LDV from 8/2015. That time, HiStaff be deployed with 6-system professional features: employee records; labor; wages; insurance; Training; Management system.
Project deployment HiStaff at LDV be appreciated when helped build a system overall management of human resources, meet the requirements of managing the complexity of a multinational corporation. HiStaff in nearly a decade has continuously developed, addressed to the hr peculiarities of LDV. LDV appreciate the ability to solve overall, through the process of personnel HiStaff bring. Therefore, the two sides have continued agreement to upgrade the software HiStaff from January 2/2023 with many outstanding features such as:
– Change the system time attendance card swipe traditional attendance system through face recognition FaceID fast, modern
– Integrated, synchronized data from time and attendance system face recognition FaceID through HiStaff to reduce the effort of work for HR
– Upgrade system help to improve the performance properties of full-LDV.
Through the upgrade HiStaff at LDV times this two unit trust solution HiStaff will continue to promote the strengths, features, service and helps LDV optimization process in hrm.