Brand reputation of the dairy industry

Months 8.2022, HiStaff officially deployed in the Reorganization and management of nearly 3,000 personnel

Company scale:

3.000 Personnel



Production of milk powder, food



Ho Chi Minh City

JSC NutiFood there is food JSC nutrition Center was founded on 29/03/2000. Date 16/06/2011, the company changed its name to the joint STOCK company NutiFood.
Since the establishment, NutiFood has identified “Always focus on improving the satisfaction of customers by the products have consistent quality, safe and best services with reasonable prices” is competition policy to take NutiFood become one of the company's leading food in Vietnam and in the region.
With system wide distribution throughout the country, our team of professional, NutiFood has successfully implemented strategies for generating revenue increased by more than 250% every year. Revenue from the label milk powder NutiFood proud to lead the market in Vietnam. Currently, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers and distributing food in Vietnam.
From January 8.2022, HiStaff official deployed at NutiFood. Solution HiStaff been the Leaders NutiFood appreciated thanks meet 3 factors:
– Firstly, our team of Tinhvan Consulting has experience over 11 years in development at the brand milk to top of other as Vinamilk; IDP
– Monday, solution HiStaff responsive, thorough, fast, and comprehensive requirements of the food complex, the peculiarities of a unit of production in the dairy industry as NutiFood
– Tuesday, HiStaff have the ability to integrate, retrieve data smoothly with other software are deployed in NutiFood