At the heart of trust lies transparency

Trust built on the foundation of transparency is an indispensable component in all relationships. We continually strive to enhance and implement industry-leading security measures while consistently monitoring our systems. This ensures that sensitive information regarding individuals and finances is always safeguarded and secure.


We are committed to protecting your data and communicating transparently. We employ rigorous measures across our people, processes, and technology to ensure that your data, applications, and infrastructure remain safe.

Security is everyone’s responsibility

Our customers have full control of the data they enter into HiStaff, as well as all setup and configurations. HiStaff offers training, specialized support, detailed documentation, timely communication, and a peer community to help you safeguard your data and make the most of our robust security tools.

Processes for continuous protection

HiStaff are housed in highly secure data centers with redundant systems and strict access controls. Surveillance and round-the-clock monitoring ensure physical security, while network defenses and continuous vulnerability assessments bolster cyber protection. Rigorous development practices and third-party security assessments guarantee robust application security for every release.

Technology built to be secure

HiStaff ensures data security with AES encryption and TLS for internet traffic. Integrations support PGP and customer-generated certificates. Authentication options include SAML for single sign-on and native login with secure password storage. Administrators can manage user access and permissions easily.


We protect your personal data and help you meet your data privacy requirements. We’re transparent about our privacy practices and provide valuable resources about privacy obligations.

Our privacy principles

We are committed to adhering to privacy principles, including prioritizing privacy, innovating responsibly, and safeguarding fairness and trust. These principles guide how we train employees, build products, and ultimately handle personal data. We integrate privacy into our people, processes, technology, and configurable privacy tools to help customers meet complex privacy needs.

Global data privacy

We are committed to complying with global privacy standards, adjusting our products with appropriate agreements. Our proactive approach includes keeping abreast of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. We collaborate with customers in conducting Transfer Impact Assessments (TIAs) and provide materials such as FAQs and information sheets for guidance. Continuously monitoring evolving data privacy regulations, we adjust our practices to meet specific customer requirements.

Our commitment to our customers

We strive to be transparent with our customers about how your data will be safeguarded and processed. HiStaff deeply invests in certifying to leading industry standards and frameworks so our customers can easily verify our privacy practices


Our strict compliance program consists of third-party audits and international certifications to ensure data security and privacy, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access of your data.