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Ho Chi Minh City

Date 26/12/2011, SBV governor officially licensed number 283/GP-NHNN on the establishment and operation Saigon COMMERCIAL Bank (SCB) on the basis of most voluntary bank 3: Saigon COMMERCIAL Bank (SCB), joint stock COMMERCIAL Bank First (Ficombank) COMMERCIAL joint stock Bank Vietnam Tin Nghia (TinNghiaBank). Saigon COMMERCIAL bank (united Bank) officially went into operation from the date 01/01/2012.

On the basis of inheriting the strengths of bank 3, Bank consolidation has strong advantages in the field of banks and is located in group 5 joint stock banks in Vietnam. Specific: the charter Capital reach 10.584 billion, Total assets of the bank has reached approximately 154,000 units billion, funds raised from credit institutions, economy and population of the bank reached more than 110,000 billion. Profit before tax accumulated reach over 1,300 billion. The current system of the bank calculated on the total number of headquarters, department of the transaction, branches and transaction offices, savings funds, and the transaction is estimated at 230 units across the country will help the client a transaction convenient and the most economical.

HiStaff be deployed at SCB from August 3/2016 and help manage the overall 5000 personnel; to solve a salary bonus benefits complex; meet the large demand for hiring and training staff; meet the rating system complex employee; solve math integrated with the system, Corebanking, E-Learning,... in the bank.