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HiStaff be deployed official at Hyundai Kefico from march 9/2020 and overall management of more than 2,000 personnel

Company scale:

2.000 Personnel



Manufacturing electronic components for smart car



Hai Duong

Hyundai Kefico is a member of the Hyundai Korea. The company specializes in the production of electronic components for intelligent cars. Hyundai Kefico systematic high-tech factory based in INDUSTRIAL park, Security ward, Tu Minh city, Hai Duong, Hai Duong province. Hyundai Kefico is rated as one of the leading company in Hai Duong, at the same time as business is Ministry of Labour – invalids & Social along with General confederation of labor of Vietnam awarded the title of “Business as workers”.

Through the process of understanding, thorough, cautious, march 9/2020, HiStaff be deployed official at Hyundai Kefico with expectations build a software solution overall, solved throughout the complex personnel of a unit of production has quality personnel, over 2000 people.

The problem HiStaff help Hyundai Kefico solved can be listed as:

– Solved the problem timekeeping, payroll complex for mass production units.

– Help Hyundai Kefico resource planning in an effective way.

– At the same time, HiStaff also be appreciated about the prospects help Hyundai Kefico, cost savings, efforts hrm. Solution after a successful deployment is expected to ensure it meets all the system requirements, personnel administration, modern and optimal.