Pioneer brand of confectionary

HiStaff deployed in Friendship Food and help manage overall more than 2,000 personnel

Company scale:

2.000 Personnel



Confectionery production



Ha Noi

With the vision to become the pioneer brand confectionary in the transmission and spread the value of belonging of every Vietnamese family out of the region and the world, Friendship Food currently there are more than 2000 personnel activities at the branch, plant and distribution system. The operating company producing at 3 factories to achieve high standards of food safety, with a total area of up to more than 11.7 ha. When the scale grows increasingly expanded both in terms of production, distributor, retail point of sale, and human resources then the math resources management of the Friendship Food is also the Leader Board Friendship Food great attention and interest.
HiStaff deployed in Friendship Food from months 01.2022 with a variety of functional modules, fully responsive, cross-cutting hr processes such as organizational management, personnel records, timekeeping, payroll, insurance, evaluating work performance, system management, reporting, and management techniques. The actual operation shows HiStaff not only a software but also a total solution can help increase performance business of Friendship.