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Speedy Timekeeping and Payroll, the First AI HR Assistant

Simple, accurate, comprehensive, and secure Human Resource (HR) management.
Highly effective application with powerful assistant Artificial Intelligence (AI assistant)

HiStaff solution
manages overall human resources

HiStaff is a proven solution that has been successfully selected and implemented by companies with over 35,000 users.

Ability to Strictly Manage Operational Processes

  • Built on the principles of human resource management practices
  • Subsystems always coordinate and connect to create a standardized process
  • Decentralize users to each function and data area

Highly customizable

  • Easily add more modules and features
  • Change the salary calculation formula yourself
  • Set up reporting templates; flexibly query information using operators and combine multiple search fields

Complexity of the problem

  • Users can dynamically create new data items to be managed in the employee profile.
  • Users can flexibly create new data items that need to be managed in the employee profile
  • Supports the creation of corresponding salary categories, accommodating future changes...

Recruitment, timekeeping, online training registration

  • Easily integrates with other business management applications, especially with ERP and Core-banking systems
  • Multilingual: Vietnamese - English. Add new languages ​​conveniently
  • Safety and security technology: Integrating LDAP, OTP, SSL...

Why choose HiStaff

With HiStaff, we help you manage quickly and accurately in just one platform


Years of experience

HiStaff is a professional, indigenous solution serving overall human resource management for medium and large enterprises.



More than 200 leading businesses in Vietnam with up to 35,000 employees are using HiStaff every day.



HiStaff helps businesses manage more than 300,000 employees as a centralized human resource management and development ecosystem.

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