Learning and Development Management

HiStaff is the key to the cohesion of the staff and solutions to support the development of quality human resources and from that leverages business process of the enterprise.

Schedule, notifications and reminders Training
Allows management to schedule and track training activities based on the needs of the organization and the individual. Send notifications and reminders about training courses, upcoming reviews, or other development opportunities.

Performance evaluation after Training
Integrated process to evaluate the performance after training and measuring the change in skills and competencies.

Program Management, Career Development
Support the program management, career development, including identifying career goals and schedule the steps taken.

Manage Training Budget
Track training budget and the costs involved, help the organization, financial management, effective training.

Integrated with Management Capacity
Combined information about training with capacity management to ensure that employees are properly trained skills required for the job.

Reports and Statistics Training
Provide reports and statistics training to evaluate the performance of training programs and take strategic decisions.

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