AI Chatbot HR

Pioneering technology AI chatbot personnel in Vietnam, the first, helping to improve efficiency, personnel management, and enhance the work experience of employees

Advice on personnel policy
Provides information and guidance on the policies, procedures and regulations of the company personnel.

Lookup information staff
Allows the personal information of employees, including work schedule, profile, and other related information.

Recruitment support
Create and manage the steps in the recruitment process, including to send information about the job position, gather information from applicants, and scheduling interviews.

Questions and answers about benefits and remuneration
Provide information about the mode of benefits and remuneration of the company, including insurance, benefits, and policies to support the other.

Training support and development
Advice about the course program, training, personal development, and provide learning materials.

Support in the management of working time
Create a work schedule, reminders about important events and assist in the application for leave.

Recorded feedback and requests from staff
Collect feedback from employees and recorded a support request, then forwarded to the relevant department for processing.

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