Time Attendance Management

HiStaff help you manage your time, approve timesheets easily sync the pay table with just 1 click. You can manage, adjust policies attendance suited according to particular business to set up the flexible, all kinds of industry, ca work differently.

Attendance point the automatic
Use technologies such as magnetic card, or fingerprint identification system to automatically record the time in and out of employees.

Online attendance
Allow employees to clocking via web browser or mobile app, helping them easily recorded working time from any where.

Manage work Shifts and Schedules online
Track and manage work shifts of employees, including ca permanent, overtime and shift work in particular.

Cumulative hours of work
Calculate and track the number of hours worked, including overtime hours and vacation days.

To manage Vacation and holidays
Track and manage information about the vacation, holidays, and other types of leave other.

Reports and statistics
Provides detailed report on working time, overtime, and performance indicators related.

Integration with payroll System
Link attendance data to payroll system to ensure the integrity and accuracy in the payment of staff.

Security and compliance
Ensure that the process of clocking in compliance with the legal regulations and security of personal information.

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