Talent management

HiStaff help you monitor and evaluate personnel in real time, through which you have more grounds for detection, retention, and can reveal the development of human resources.

Performance management
Integrated assessment tools, performance, set personal goals, track your progress and automatically notified about the assessment.

Management Skills and Career Development
Reviews and track employee skills, provide planning, personal development, training and career opportunities.

Schedule and Track Training
Management training courses, track the training progress of employees, and provide notice of the need for training.

Identify the next generation
Build the criteria to consider for the key role to assess the level of response capacity and potential on a scale

Data Analysis and Reporting Personnel
Provides tools to analyze data to assess performance, identify trends, and create a detailed report on hr.

Manage Internal Transfer
Track and manage the process of internal movement of employees including promotion, transfer, work, and other events.

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