Salary Management

Process automation manager the premium mode, minimize errors, and optimize management benefits for employees in enterprises

Information management Staff
Store and manage personal information of employees related to payroll such as position, rank, number of days worked, and other information.

Calculation Of Salary and allowances
Automatic calculation of salary and the allowances, including base salary, bonuses and other allowances.

Information management working Time
Track and record information on working time, including overtime, holidays, and other events related to payroll.

Payroll Cycle
Support many kinds of payment cycle, including salaries, monthly, weekly, or according to any payment of any other.

Manage your Tax credits and deductions Debt
Automatically calculate and manage the account debit as personal income tax, social insurance, and other deductions.

Total Staff Costs
Calculate the total cost of each employee, including wages, deductions debt and the allowance.

Security and Compliance
Ensure the confidentiality of information related to salary and meet with the legal provisions on the management salary.

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