Recruitment manager

HiStaff, you can perform and track the recruiting process in business process complete. Recruitment is supported throughout from the stage of receiving the request until the end and results of recruitment.

Candidate Profile
Store detailed information about candidates, including resumes, work experience, education, skills, and contact information.

System Screening Candidates
Integrated screening system to automatically filter candidates based on certain criteria, which helps reduce the time and effort needed to review the records.

Appointment Interview Schedule Automatic
Provides features to automate the process of scheduling interviews, informed and confirmed with the candidate.

Evaluation Of Candidates
Allows the manager and the team member recruitment, personnel evaluation, share notes and related information.

Campaign management, Recruiting
Create and manage recruitment campaigns, track performance and cost, and provide feedback data.

Reporting and Analysis
Provide reports overview and analysis of campaign performance, recruiting, time filling the position, and the only other important numbers.

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