Records management personnel

HiStaff help track information personnel from joining to retire on a single platform. Therefore, the management of personnel information with HiStaff become easier throughout comply with modern process and ensure proper Labor Laws.

Information management Staff
Storing and managing personal information of the employee such as name, address, contact information, and other personal details.

Records management Labor
Track information related to labor as contract work, information about wages, insurance policies and other personnel.

Records management Skills and Training
Notes on skills, certificates, information and training of staff to assist in the performance review and career development.

Track productivity and performance
Notes about the work performance of employees, including reviews, personal goals, and measurement parameters other.

Records management legal and Compliance
Store and track issues, legal, policy, and compliance requirements related to personnel.

Security profile
Ensure the confidentiality of personal information of employees through the security measures and management of access rights.

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