HR Portal

HiStaff provide hr portal iPortal help the members of the company, you can implement hr processes quickly, optimization procedure and, especially, increase the active connection.

Personal Information
Allows staff to update and manage personal information, including contact information, family information, and other information.

Work schedule and Vacation
Show work schedule and history leave, allowing employees to set holiday schedule and track the number of vacation days used.

Salary and Benefits
Displays information about salary, bonuses, and other benefits to help employees understand the benefits that they are receiving.

Notifications and Reminders
Send notifications and reminders about important events, such as performance reviews, upcoming training, or the notified organization.

Sign up and Changed Information
Provides functionality to register and confirm the change personal information, reduce the burden on hr department.

News and announcements Organization
Show news, announcements and updates about the event in the organization to always update with the latest information.

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