Capacity Management

HiStaff assist you select the right people, delivered on the management, the overall capacity of the organization to choose to be a team of design, close-fitting, building, policy planning staff sustainability.

Identifying and sorting Capability
Support the identification and specification of competencies required for each job position in the organization. Classification and ranking of resources according to the level of critical and intensive in-context specific job.

Rated Capacity
Provides tools to assess the capacity of employees, including self-assessment and evaluation from the management.

Schedule Training, Development, and Track Career Goals
Integrated with the training manager to schedule and track the development program capacity. Management career goals to put out and target tracking capacity development personal

Statistics and Reporting Capacity, Integrated Performance Assessment
Provides the tools, statistics, and reports on capacity to support strategic decisions and management. Link capacity with the process of performance reviews to ensure the assessment is comprehensive and considerations to all aspects of skills and competencies.

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