Administration Report & Dashboard

HiStaff help you track and extract the useful information in the policy, appropriate mechanisms in order to optimize workforce performance and develop the creative abilities of employees.

Dashboard Overview
Display overview of the important information such as number of employees, performance metrics, and management elements other.

Dashboard leave and attendance
Displays information about attendance, number of hours worked, and the factors related to the management of working time of employees.

Dashboard Salary and Benefits
Displays information about salary, bonuses, and other benefits, help management and employees understand the value of benefits package.

Performance Reports
Organize reports and charts related to the performance of individuals, groups, or organizations. Provides detailed insight on the level of completion of the work and goals.

Reported Staffing
Displays information about the ratio between the type of employee statistics about gender, age, and other information related to hr.

Expense Reports and Budget Personnel
Information about spending, staffing, and budget help, financial management, and planned spending.

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