Tinhvan Consulting and Baokim signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Important events took place on 20/12/2023, corporation Management Consulting Business Nebula (Tinhvan Consulting) and joint Stock company commercial electronic Bao Kim (Baokim) has officially signed a strategic cooperation. This collaboration promises to bring to parties more opportunities to expand the market both on the field of payments and share resources development in the coming time.

The first step in the cooperation process, this is Baokim and Tinhvan Consulting will integrate motor vehicle insurance and payment systems, utility cargo number on the application HiStaff and Core.vn of Tinhvan Consulting. This allows end users are the employees of the business are using hr software HiStaff and Core.vn easy approach to buying insurance, motor vehicle electronic in just 1 minute, hosted electronic version on your phone, and can present anytime, anywhere substitute for hard copies. In addition, in urgent situations, the control means can also refer to the information from the certificate and manual handling accidents through personal email or social network such as Zalo, Skype, Facebook messenger.

In addition, Baokim and Tinhvan Consulting also unified the operators general market in providing solutions, online payments, varied and modern services, payment of salaries, the salary for the business, as well as enhance the integration and deployment of products/services other numbers on the system, corporate governance of Tinhvan Consulting.
For more information, please contact:
Corporation Management Consulting Business Nebula
🏢Hanoi headquarters: No. 311-313 Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
🏢Branch Ho Chi Minh City: 10 Pho Quang, Ho Chi Minh City

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