HiStaff and VEAM – The beginning of the journey to modernize Vietnam's agricultural industry


Agriculture is to be placed on top in the priority development in Vietnam. Date 06/02/2024 event VEAM – leading enterprise on agricultural machinery manufacturer, officially signed a contract to deploy software hr management HiStaff, opens a new chapter in the journey to modernize and improve productivity for industry, agriculture.

With 27 member units and 20,000 officers, employees, VEAM scale and long tradition in manufacturing agricultural machinery, is a pioneer in the application of new technology solutions to optimize production efficiency and management. Collaboration with HiStaff – solutions pioneer of technology human resources management, is testimony to the relentless commitment of VEAM in the investment, sustainable development and professionalization of personnel management.

During the launch of the project at VEAM, mr. Dinh Hong Son – CEO of Tinhvan Consulting has stressed: “This is one of the important projects and difference of HiStaff in 2024, with the new year and the commitment of time, resources of the two sides, make sure the project will finish earlier than expected. HiStaff will solution is tailored and optimized to bring to platform personnel administration best present for a corporation as big as AVAILABLE.”

HiStaff, with features such as vietnam, organizational management, employee information management, single words, timekeeping, payroll, taxes, insurance and benefits, is expected to help VEAM standardize and improve the efficiency management system personnel. New technology, safety and high security of HiStaff will also be important precondition VEAM strengthen management capacity, at the same time creating a work environment that is flexible, efficient and friendly for all employees.
So, after Steel group Vietnam (VNSteel), and Vietnam Textile and Garment group (Vinatex), VEAM become the next unit of the conglomerate production key to Vietnam's largest selection page is HiStaff solution for your business. Nebula Consulting are proud to be part of the same big business in the digital transformation, and modernization of human resources management country home.

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