The signing ceremony of cooperation, transfer Core for pedagogical Technical Vinh Long


Date 08/02/2023, Tinhvan Consulting and pedagogical University Technical Vinh Long (Vlute) has signed a cooperation project Financing, Management software, human resources Core to serve for teaching students. Through this partnership, more than 650 students in Economics and Law, University of pedagogical techniques, Vinh Long, will have the opportunity to practice with system management software, hr Core.

At the signing ceremony of cooperation, the two leaders believe this collaboration can bring many benefits for the students more learning opportunities, experience and extensive industry knowledge of himself.

Speaking at the signing Ceremony, ASSOC. Le Hong Ky – Vice rector of the University pedagogical techniques Vinh Long speech: spent 62 years of development, pedagogical University Technical Vinh Long, has confirmed its position important in education system university Vietnam. With aspirations to conquer the peak of the world of science, technology and vocational skills, to date, the school has always attached great importance to the practicality of the training students with the motto “there are No boundaries between school and reality”. 

We absolutely have the facility to capture the needs of society as well as of investors in people and facilities from the business connection with the school. The school hopes the two units will have the cooperation, the immediate field is related to the economy, related to the software human resource management. 

Besides the economy, the school also has the expectations connected further in the other sectors such as information technology, exchange of new technologies into practice through the orders of the software as well as the students of the school have the opportunity to study, developed at Tinhvan Consulting. 

On the business side, ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Luong, Deputy director – General Tinhvan Consulting share: today, the school of information technology is growing, the business is focused in the management and human resources development. For the students on the school, in addition to acquiring the specialized knowledge to work for the then creating opportunities for the children to reach and experience software practices is very essential to help the children more confident. 

In the framework of this project, Tinhvan Consulting will perform transfer solutions, hr software Core for the school aims to train human resources of high quality to meet the needs of business in particular and society in general.

Good for collaboration between Tinhvan Consulting and VLUTE increasingly strong and achieved many good results.

Some photos at the signing Ceremony of the cooperation:

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