Launching HiStaff Human Resources Management Software project: Vinatex's digital transformation in human resource management


In the context of the Vietnamese textile industry is experiencing major challenges from the global market, the management and optimization of human resources becomes more important than ever. Few know that the production processes in the textile industry consists of four stages privacy: spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, and Sewing – each piece is requires specialization and management personnel extremely tight. Corporations Vietnam Textile Vinatex, with its position as a leading enterprise in the industry, operates strong through all four stages of production mentioned above, is rapidly stepping up and upgrade system, hr management more effective to deal with the market increasingly difficult.

Aware of the role of human resources quality and efficiency in maintaining and developing sustainable, Vinatex has decided to partner with Tinhvan Consulting – a leading Enterprise in the field provides consulting and technology solutions to human resource management with solution HiStaff is designed to meet a full and accurate all the needs of human resource management at Vinatex, from planning, organizing, recruiting, training, performance reviews, to management salaries and benefits.

The goal of the project, not only is the application of information technology on hr management, but also to build and operate a the compact, high-yield, enough to face and overcome all challenges of the market. In celebration of the kick off day project 26/01/2024, mr. Dinh Hong Son, General director of Tinhvan Consulting shared: “project HiStaff at Vinatex will certainly be a highlight important in the conversion of corporations, Tinhvan Consulting is committed to ensuring the solution with the best experience with the deployment of best quality for the system to be operated early in the 2nd quarter of 2024”.

HiStaff will help Vinatex significantly improve the ability to manage and optimize the working efficiency of the staff, from which a premise for the sustainable development and long-term success of the group in the future.

Honor is a consultancy and solutions provider for Vinatex, Tinhvan Consulting is committed to bring a system of personnel administration advanced group has not only maintained its leading position in the Vietnamese textile industry, but also extended its influence out to the international market. Collaboration between Vinatex and Tinhvan Consulting through project HiStaff is evidence for the application of technology on hr management is the important key to success and development in the digital era.

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