Tinhvan Consulting training organization HiStaff at Transerco

Light 18.11.2022, Tinhvan Consulting has collaborated with Transerco training organization Solution software hr management HiStaff for staff Transerco. Training sessions are held to the purpose of helping team Transerco can use more effectively the features of HiStaff service staffs daily

Mr. Dinh Hong Son, General director of Tinhvan Consulting a speech at the training

In the process of developing his leadership, as well as Personnel of Transerco noticed the bottlenecks in human resource management such as: 

  • Process to calculate the salary complex, with volumes of up to more than 3000 people
  • Handle hr processes, payroll longer consuming effort crafts
  • Prone to confusion due to the fault subjective when implementing hr processes

Therefore, HiStaff was deployed at Transerco from 2014 to radically solve the complex problem of hr of a big business in the transport sector. Leadership Transerco expectations team can use HiStaff more efficient, leverage the software functions to reduce the work load in the direction streamlined, professional.

HiStaff was deployed at Transerco with a variety of the overall function depth as: recruitment; personnel information; attendance; salary calculator; check monitoring violations; the system administrator

In the process of providing solutions for Transerco, Tinhvan Consulting always effort companion, optimal not only software solution, but also the customer care training to use.

At the training light 18.11 team Tinhvan Consulting has an overview, instructions for use HiStaff with the subsystem specific function. Through share, answer, Tinhvan Consulting also give the solution to staff Transerco use HiStaff efficiency, save time, effort.

Tinhvan Consulting is proud and always strives to bring the best solution to help businesses and organizations can effective management of hr processes. The personnel at the enterprise is solved in the direction of “tailoring”, tweak in accordance with the characteristics each organization to achieve the highest efficiency.

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