Corporations Metal for optimum service personnel with Core


Months 11/2022, Tinhvan Consulting and corporations Kim Long has signed a contract to deploy software solutions, hr management Core at Kim Long. This is an important project, which is expected to help Kim optimum service personnel.

Complicated salary problem at Kim Long

Corporations Kim Long is a conglomerate that operates in many different fields, but in which the most prominent is in the business hotel and casino. Kim Long there are 3 company members:

  • Jsc hotel Hong Shipping
  • Co., LTD. joint venture in international tourism Hai Phong
  • Joint Stock company international Kim Long

In the process of its development, Kim Long, encounter many problems in personnel management as:

  • Personnel management complex with hundreds of different titlesthe class wage different. This complexity arises due to the peculiarities industry only casino for foreigners and business focus of Kim Long on the array hotel is the premium hotel, 5 stars.
  • The hr department must do crafts, spend much effort in the track record, insurance company salary. Payslips must send each personnel can not automatic.
  • Leader board spending a lot of time review, approve vouchers wages.

Core – solutions hr management in the palm of your hand

Before the problems arise in human resource management, Leadership, Kim Long, weighed more solutions, hr software, different and decided to trust options and implement solutions hr management Core of Tinhvan Consulting with the subsystem functions as diverse as: 

  • Management organization
  • Personnel records
  • Attendance
  • Insurance 
  • Payroll & tax personal income
  • The system of internal chat
  • Task management...

Core is expected to help Kim Long, minimize the time control review evidence from the wage reduction efforts, the implementation of service personnel. At the same time, Core is also oriented development helps company Leaders can easily control on the issue of personnel, resources through the dynamic reporting, access quickly and easily.

The analysis of the Core will meet the needs, serving not only the Leadership Personnel of Kim Long, but also increase the user experience for the team of staff. With Core staff Kim Long can lookup the salary of yourself; sign up late, leaving early; registration of leave on the mobile app convenient and fast.


Tinhvan Consulting honored companion in the process of converting the number in the group, Kim Long, with solutions Core. Our team of Tinhvan Consulting with over 17 years of experience, trust, effort and commitment take the best resources to complete the project with progress and optimum quality.

For more information, please contact:
Corporation Management Consulting Business Nebula
🏢Hanoi headquarters: No. 311-313 Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
🏢Branch Ho Chi Minh City: 10 Pho Quang, Ho Chi Minh City

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