Hr software HiStaff - Solid step along the Pass the Whole Group


The group Pass is one of the leading enterprises in the field of construction investment in transport infrastructure in Vietnam with model 1 parent company and 25 member companies. The number of Officers and employees of the Pass All up to nearly 6,000 people.
With some of the big corporations Pass All look at a number of issues need to be addressed such as:
– Data management personnel, has been
– The hr department take more time to review, adjust and update attendance data monthly from member companies
– The expansion of scale with many company members will cause difficulties in the process of personnel management.
🔺 Look at the current issues, corporate Leadership Pass All has to choose to trust Solution software hr HiStaff by Tinhvan Consulting developed with the subsystem core functions:
+ Organizational management
+ Information management personnel
+ Insurance management
+ Attendance management
+ Manage salary
+ Hr portal
+ Mobile App.

Date 06/06/2023 project has officially into use. We believe that the project of transformation of the group Pass Both will be successful and bring the optimum efficiency in the hr management of the business!

For more information, please contact:Corporation Management Consulting Business Nebula

🏢Hanoi headquarters: No. 311-313 Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
🏢Branch Ho Chi Minh City: 10 Pho Quang, Ho Chi Minh City

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