[Tri Nam Group x TinhVan Consulting] Two brands, one solution - cooperation to promote digital training


Bright day 11/06/2024, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the consortium Location South Group (The Southern Group) and joint Stock company for Management Consulting Business Nebula (Nebula Consulting) took place in an atmosphere of solemnity and friendly. 

In the list of important members in attendance, the presence of mr. Nguyen Manh Truong – General director of Men; mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Deputy General director of Men. A representative from Nebula Consulting, including mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong, chairman of The board Nebula Consulting; mr. Dinh Hong Son, General director of Nebula Consulting; mr. Pham Thanh Tung, Deputy General director – Nebula Consulting.

Overview of the ceremony

At the signing ceremony, the two sides discussed and agreed with each other about some of the directions deploy technology solutions, integrated management, personnel training, as well as plans long-term cooperation and sustainable.

Leader double side at the same time also expressed the attitude of joy and high expectations about collaboration, strategic this. General assessment in the signing ceremony, the two companies are the partners have the capacity and potential, in accordance with his partner. At the same time, the two sides also similar with each customer segment and have experience working with large enterprises.
 In the signing ceremony, the leaders of the Nebula Consulting highly rated capacity of the Male Group. Location South Group is one of the leading companies about providing E-learning solutions, training personnel for big business, with effective solutions, customer care, devotion. Owner foresight and strategic decisions, Nebula Consulting view Location South Group is one of the important partners to jointly develop integrated solutions for comprehensive personnel for enterprises and large corporations.
About the Location, Twink, Group, Nebula Consulting is an important partner and, in particular, have higher capacity in providing technology solutions, human resource management, at the same time, always with the customers, the high quality and prestigious product. The above similarities with the core values that the group Mind, always aiming for.

“Two brand – A solution”. 

With many similarities, this collaboration between the Male Group and Nebula Consulting promises to open new path of development, provides technology solutions integrated, comprehensive, effectively solve the difficulties in the management and training of personnel for the big business in Vietnam.