HiStaff achieves the highest reliability in data security at Hyundai Kefico Vietnam!


HiStaff is the solution in hrm developed by Tinhvan Consulting from 2005, one of the product HRM top and the oldest in Vietnam. Recently, HiStaff have achieved a significant step forward when is certified to meet security standards and information security at Hyundai Kefico Vietnam, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group.
Hyundai Kefico is a company specializing in production and development systems, electronic control and management solutions engines for the automotive industry. Choosing and trusting HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting to hr management in the past 5 years found peace of mind and trust that Hyundai Kefico put into this product.

The first step in the cooperation process, this is Baokim and Tinhvan Consulting will integrate motor vehicle insurance and payment systems, utility cargo number on the application HiStaff and Core.vn of Tinhvan Consulting. This allows end users are the employees of the business are using hr software HiStaff and Core.vn easy approach to buying insurance, motor vehicle electronic in just 1 minute, hosted electronic version on your phone, and can present anytime, anywhere substitute for hard copies. In addition, in urgent situations, the control means can also refer to the information from the certificate and manual handling accidents through personal email or social network such as Zalo, Skype, Facebook messenger.