HiStaff – Bao Viet Insurance


On 29 January 3, launch event project management personnel specialize in deep between HiStaff and General insurance company Vietnam (BHBV) has officially opened, marking a new step in the modernization and optimization of plant personnel for the total company. With 79 member companies and more than 4000 employees, BHBV is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of health insurance and non-life, belonging to Bao Viet.
This event is not only a successful continuation from the deployment and marked by bold strokes of HiStaff in the year 2022 for Bao Viet and Vietnam Life Insurance but also prove to the trust and credibility that insurance Bao Viet put into HiStaff. With 20 years of experience in implementing hr solutions, HiStaff committed to bring the experience of excellence for officers and employees of the corporation, at the same time ensuring that the project will be operated effective within 3 months.
At the kick off project, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet, General director of The Insurance stressed that: ” Bao viet insurance have used hr software, old over the past 10 years, however, the time has come the need to change and use new solutions, modern, safe, efficient and prestigious higher, solved the problem characteristics and advanced performance, experience of staff of the corporation. We are always ready and trust with the partner is Tinhvan Consulting to implementation and putting into operation soon, most effective with this solution”.
From the Tinhvan Consulting, Mr. Dinh Hong Son, General director shared: ” Bao viet insurance corporation with more than 4,000 employees, the same 79 member companies. This project is very large and complex special field of personnel management in Vietnam is very peculiar. However, with 20 years of experience consulting and implementing hr solutions for corporations, corporations across the country, especially HiStaff and are more stable app 1 year ago in Bao Viet and Vietnam Life Insurance, we are confident and committed to the project will be successful earliest to bring the best experience for hr staff and the entire staff of the corporation”.
This project not only demonstrate the ability to implement hr solutions to the high quality of HiStaff but also a new step in the application of modern technology on human resource management, promises to bring many benefits for both the company and the company members of Bao Viet insurance. Expected, the first phase of the project will be completed after 2 months and the whole project will be test after 4 months, opens a new direction for the development of the company in the field of life insurance and non-life in Vietnam.