Beginning of the month 7/2023, TinhVan consulting and Tenma held a ceremony to kick off to mark the milestone offers airport project management software resources Histaff.  

At the ceremony, leadership and team development projects, the two sides have discussed and ready to deploy HiStaff a drastic, effective, stable operation at Tenma.

Software solutions HiStaff be deployed at Tenma with 2 stages. Phase 1 : hr Systems platform, including Management organizations, piIhân system information management personnel - iProfile, management, insurance - iIsurance, management timesheets - iTime, management salaries - iPay. Phase 2: System hr advanced services include Self-Service ( HR process)- Mobile Application distribution system, book car, management performance, Management reviews – iPerformance, report management system Dashboard.

With a variety of functional modules, HiStaff not only provides for Tenma toolkit efficient administration but also the solution throughout process development. Integrating technology with HiStaff can help Tenma, process optimization, management, personnel management, minimize effort, time, and thereby contributed to increasing the productivity, efficiency, work.

In particular, with the flexibility of software, HiStaff can flexible integration with software solutions, internal system of Tenma today.

Tinhvan Consulting committed time and resources to best deploy project Tenma completed on schedule with the best quality.


Company Tenma was established in the year 1949 with its headquarters in Japan.

The field of business of Tenma is the production and supply of plastic products (household products, spare parts, spare parts for equipment office automation, shell means, materials for logistics, agricultural products and seafood), distribution of raw materials, agricultural products and seafood, raw material for packaging food and beverages, and construction materials.

Tenma started operations in foreign markets since 1988. At present, this company has four manufacturing facilities in China (Zhonshan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou), three production facilities in Vietnam (Bắc Ninh, Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh city), two production facilities in Indonesia (both in Bekasi) and two production base in Thailand (Rayong and Prachinburi).